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January 2014

It is now over two years since we moved to the larger manufacturing facility in Raynham, MA, where we offer CAD/CAM manufacturing for all orthotic needs. We have added production staff for custom orthotics to meet our growth in 2014.

The Sensory Dynamic Orthosis, SDO, is very well received and we look forward to increase our presence in the market through the O&P community.

The SDO is a made to measure Orthosis, designed and produced to the highest quality. They are provided to assist with management of postural control and abnormal tone. They are designed to provide support and sensory information that will enable the user to “feel” their body, arms and legs more and then use this sensory information to improve their functional ability.

Pro-Tech Orthopedic’s unique, fully adjustable, sternal shield will now be manufactured in Massachusetts after bringing the tooling over from Europe. This will make the product more competitive.

The Achilles Contracture Management Orthosis, ACMO, is still popular for most idiopathic toe-walkers mainly because of the features of being removable, adjustable at the ankle to mention a few.

In the spinal off-the shelf area Pro-Tech Orthopedics now offer the Vertabradyn range of LSO.

The Aktiv is a single opening LSO with double closure and posterior adjustable steel stays.

The Strong is also single opening LSO with double closure for better fit. In addition to the adjustable steel stays, the Strong also comes with removable anterior and posterior rigid plastic panels. Both products are made in Europe and are of the highest quality.

The Dictus® Band is a foot drop aid that fits any shoe and has a version for bare feet. It is suitable for children and is very discrete and comfortable.

During 2014 we will attend most regional and national O&P conferences and look forward to meeting you there.

Contact us for more information on our Products and Services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Kimball and Martin Andersson